Endurance is defined as the power of enduring a difficult process or situation without giving way. This is the basis of our philosophy at Endurance Kinesiology, and what makes us different than a standard training gym. We strive to support each athlete to perform at their best.

Using the basics of Kinesiology, which is the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement, we work with our athletes to set individual goals that will push them to the next level on their path to success.

Client Assessment

Endurance Kinesiology programs all begin with a full-body individual assessment developed by Head Trainer and Kinesiologist, Matt Abbott. In order to enhance the performance of the client, the assessment will include a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and a Physical Combine Testing Comparison. The FMS screens for any deficits or asymmetries in a client’s movement patterns, strength, stability, and mobility.

This initial assessment is a requirement for each of our clients, as it helps inform all training programs by taking into account any significant restrictions or deficits in mobility and/or stability that may influence a client’s ability to perform some exercises safely and effectively. This assessment is done at the beginning of each month.

Pricing (tax included)

65$ a session

10 sessions 500$

20 sessions 900$

* prices may vary on situation

Endurance Group Classes

Real Athletes

Saturday Mornings at 10am. Includes strength and conditioning programming. Helps build community and is the best way to start your weekend.

Pricing (tax included)

10 classes 100$

Drop-ins 15$

Endurance Hockey

With NCAA Experience

Our ideology is based on developing each individual hockey player, which is why our programs include constant monitoring and planned check-ins to keep our hockey players on track to meet their goals. Training programs will include one-on-one training, group training and open-gym times. Training programs are on a monthly basis, and developed based on the athletes’ individual needs. Times are subject to availability of the gym, and coordinated directly with the trainer.

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